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Trentham Electrical & Solar | Solar Energy Installation Macedon Ranges, Daylesford, Central Victoria

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Trentham Electrical & Solar | Solar Energy Installation Macedon Ranges, Daylesford, Central Victoria

Solar Rebates

Did you know that solar systems are eligible for various incentives?
Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) is the official term of what is commonly deemed Australia's residential solar rebate, what most don’t know is that these can apply for both on AND off grid:

$1400 PV rebate
$1000 Heat pump hot water rebate
$1400 Interest free loan (for PV only)
$8800 Interest free loan for battery install

Chat to us about your eligibility for Solar Vic incentives.

Why choose renewable energy?


By choosing solar power, you're not only powering your home or business with clean, renewable energy - you're also making a positive impact on the environment.
When you generate your own energy with solar panels, you're avoiding the need to purchase electricity from the grid, which is often generated from fossil fuels. This means you're reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.


While grid power is generally sufficient, it's not always reliable. This is where renewable energy comes in - because it's not connected to the grid, you can reduce the risk of service interruptions during a blackout or weather event.

With solar panels, you're generating your own clean energy from the sun through to your bank of batteries, which means you're not as dependent on the grid. This can provide peace of mind knowing that your home and appliances will remain powered even when the grid goes down.

Long Term Savings

Renewable energy is a smart long-term investment that can provide a range of benefits. For example, solar panels are designed to last and can operate at a minimum of 85% efficiency for up to 25 years after installation.
This means that you can rely on your solar energy system to generate clean, renewable energy for years to come, while also providing significant cost savings on your energy bills.

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